People Photographer. Time turner.

      Hi I’m Bec. I’m pragmatic, not super fancy, not a crazy romantic, I’m a bit of a nerd in fact (but only mildly awkward) and I could’ve started this terribly emotive about section with a line about being a Time-Lord (in that I aim to create images that hold time still… too much?) instead I opted for another nerdy reference, Time Turner (Hermione anyone?), because Photography is all about time.

      Photography connects us to our past but also to our present. 

      Here’s why: I grew up in the Solomon Islands, in the Pacific Ocean. A few weeks before returning to Australia forever, I spent days and days photographing everything that made up my life and home. After returning to Australia, our hard-drive failed and I lost it all. It was a hard lesson, especially for a 15 year old. But in the process of creating those images, I slowed down and paid so much more attention to that place than I otherwise would have. It’s simple why we take photos.

      We want images to remember the past.

      I made the jump to photography after a my design firm foolishly sent me overseas to shoot for a not-for-profit – I fell in love with photography and its power of telling the story of the present. I was there to document a water/hygiene project – on the way I met a little girl whom because of a well in their village could still go to school because she didn’t have to walk kilometres to fetch water each day.

      Goodbye graphic design.

      We need images to celebrate the present.

      Photography reminds us of our connection with others – both with the family we see everyday or someone on the other-side of the world. A snapshot can remind you of the past, kinda – but a good image can take you right back into the everyday beauty and complexity of life, what it was like ‘Now’.

      Photography is magic. It turns time.

      I’ve been married to Geoff for now a bit over ten years now and we have two little girls Claire and Céleste who are my constant subjects. They’re genuinely funny humans.

      Besides being out with my camera, I am also more than happy to be at home  – failing just as well as any worn out parent at being present, on my couch with a book, a screen, and a coffee, sometimes all three.

      I edit purposefully with timeless black and whites and rich colours that are true to life.

      And just maybe my photographs are ‘bigger on the inside’*.

      x Bec

      *which is totally a Dr. Who thing but I wont hold it against you if you haven’t a clue and just want me to wield my camera. I’m really not that obsessed but it is good fun.