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Education for Photographers

Hey Photographer.
Want to pick my brains? Let's chat.

I've been doing this a while and I've learnt a lot along the way.

It's pretty overwhelming starting out or maybe you just want to get a few things settled because you've discovered that running a successful photography business involves WAY more than just taking pictures. I've been a working photographer for 15 years across the family, newborn and wedding space. I'm am a logically minded creative with a solid grasp on the 'boring admin' side of things. I have a background in graphic design find editing fun - but working with people is definitely my favourite part of the job. I believe that knowledge sharing is one of our greatest assets in this industry. You are welcome to pick my brains about whatever you like. This might include:

  • Setting up a photography business properly - contracts, ABN etc
  • Business tools - CRMs, gallery delivery
  • Photography gear - cameras, lenses, computers, software, fun extras
  • Client management - Client contact, emailing people, tricky situations
  • Photoshoots - Timelines, indoor/outdoor tips, getting reluctant clients on board, having a good time, managing big groups, composition and keeping creativity alive
  • Editing - tricky lighting, consistency, batching, AI tools
  • Positioning - your brand, how you show up
  • Online presence - Websites, social media, e-news
  • Work/Life Balance - Parenting and work
  • Portfolio feedback
  • Being an introverted photographer
  • Support and Inspiration - How to find friends in this industry
  • Ethics - Running a more ethical business and thinking about photography's place in society and it's impact on the world

Ask me anything

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$350 - One hour

+ Optional add on follow-up Call $150

Open book zoom call - fill out a brief questionnaire first so I can help lead the conversation and prepare for your session this helps us make the most of our time chatting.

Need more time? Just ask.

"Bec is professional and organised but so incredibly creative at the same time."

Let's get coffee

$450 - One hour in-person chat, available weekday mornings 30min from 3138.
+ optional follow-up call $150

Come armed with your questions. I'll shout the coffee.

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See how I do it

$850 - 30min session with a family + a 1hr chat afterwards.

Subject to availability.

mentoring Enquiry

"Mentoring with Bec was like chatting to an old friend, like someone who just gets your business and how you want to do it, but will happily guide you towards things you can change in order to make it better. It was so refreshing to speak to someone that wasn't just about making loads of money or being an 'artist' but has a realistic view on doing this as a job and serving our clients in a way that gives them exactly what they need and keeps them coming back. This can be a bit of a lonely job sometimes so it was great to feel like I had someone in my corner. Off to take action on my list now, thanks Bec!"

Heidi Talic