“I am utterly speechless! You are so gifted, these are beyond beautiful. We have watched the slideshow about a thousand times. Everyone I’ve sent it to has cried. I am so happy!! Thank you so much – thank you for capturing us so perfectly, we will treasure these forever.”

      Eloise & Ben

      “Bec I don’t know how to thank you enough… I really don’t like having photos and the idea of having to getting them done gives me anxiety but I absolutely LOVE these. I admit that I hate photos because I don’t like the look of myself in them. But the way you have captured us makes none of that matter. We look so happy and real and want them all blown up huge in my house and everyone to see them. Thanks for making me see how important it is to just be in a photo.”


      “Oh Bec I’m crying!! They are the most beautiful photos I have ever seen! I love them all so much. I love the smiles, the light in the trees, the foot in the window, the ones with all of us, the ones of just the kids, all of them! You have captured their little personalities so perfectly. I think the last few weeks have been one of the happiest times in my whole life, and I’m so grateful that you’ve captured my little iso bubble for me to keep forever. Thank you so much. I have loved your work for ages, I’m so happy you were able to do this for us. We will definitely have you again. Absolutely love every single photo. Honestly the best photographer we have ever ever had. Much love to you x”

      Amanda Colverson

      “My husband Jordan and I married over 2 months ago and only now are we able to find the words to express our love and gratitude for everyone that contributed to our perfect day.

      Bec in particular could not have been more perfect. We were recommended Bec through a friend-of-a-friend and after reviewing her online portfolio, we knew her style matched what we were after, a very natural, effortless, relaxed feel, capturing intimate moments and highlighting the locations.

      Her dedication during the preparation process was amazing, she quickly answered any questions we had and worked with us to ensure we were comfortable with all the plans before the wedding. She took the time to get to know us, to truly understand how to best capture our personalities and the locations we chose.

      Jordan and I are not the photographic type, and both get very nervous in front of a camera. On the day, Bec was dedicated to ensuring we were always comfortable and relaxed by giving us some simple tips then allowing our own personalities play a huge part in the photos. Her timing was impeccable and kept us all on track throughout the whole day and into the evening.

      Her quick turn around with editing our photos was quicker then we even anticipated and she also surprised us with sending a little package in the post which we will cherish forever.

      We can not recommend Bec enough. Her relaxed, lovely, gentle nature was exactly what we needed to make our day perfect. We absolutely love our photos as she perfectly captured our personalities and the love that was shared not only by us but by all our guests on the day.”

      Hayley & Jordan

      “Hiring Bec as our wedding photographer was the smartest decision we made! Not only did she make us feel so comfortable in front of the camera but she was discreet throughout the ceremony, managing to catch moments perfectly. She managed our 9 flower girls and boys with much ease and took some of the most amazing photos that we will cherish for years to come. Bec was a delight to deal with before, during and after the wedding and we would highly recommend her to capture your special day.”


      “All I can honestly say is WOW!!!!!!! I literally burst into tears when I saw the photos. You really have done an amazing job and I feel so lucky to have had you capture our day the way you did. Thanks so much for also talking me through some stressful moments haha it really was greatly appreciated! They really are everything we hoped for. I will definitely be putting your name forward for any future pals that tie the knot!”

      JAIMI & ALEX

      “Over the last week I have looked over out wedding photos at least 8 times with our family and friends and each time I notice something new and special. We look at these photos and wonder how you could have captured such beautiful moments without anyone noticing. Your eye of anticipation is outstanding because I have heard so many comments about how you so perfectly captured the little moments of our day in perfect timing. We had guests comment on the day now non-invasive you were, allowing the moments to happen and people to enjoy each other without interruption. It takes a true professional to do so and we were incredibly impressed with your approach on our day.

      Myself, my husband and our bridal party felt so comfortable in front of you – it was so obvious that you knew not only exactly what you’re were doing, but how to use the environment to its greatest potential, ensuring that the light and the nature worked with us.

      You are truly astonishing at capturing beautiful moments of joy that no one else would notice. Many of our family and friends agree with us in saying that we have never seen a photographer so gifted in knowing how and when to capture those moments and we cannot thank you enough for doing so on our day.

      Much love to you!”


      “Oh Bec, your photo skills give me goosebumps. I can’t imagine anyone who would have been more amazing to capture our day and these pictures are just perfect. You even caught the split second panic face my Dad pulled when I slipped a little walking down the aisle –  amazing! We truly feel so blessed to have been able to work with someone so professional and organised but so incredibly creative at the same time. And the fact that you were totally cool locking in a wedding date when the couple wasn’t even engaged yet was just the beginning of your awesomeness (and trust ha-ha). We truly can’t thank you enough.”

      MEL & JOHN

      “Our wedding photos bring us so much joy! They capture every nuanced glance and handmade detail. They are beyond anything we could have hoped for! We were hesitant to hire a professional wedding photographer as we wanted the day to be as natural as possible. Bec was totally unobtrusive yet beautifully captured every detail in every moment. She enhanced our day! We had so much fun gallivanting through the garden with her! Our photos are one of the most precious things we own. We cannot thank Bec enough!”

      BEL & PHIL

      “Thank-you Bec, you captured not only the events of the wedding day but the story of us as a couple, of our families coming together and of our friends celebrating us. You have an eye for detail, an alertness for quick but important moments and and a very emotionally evocative aesthetic. We were a little nervous and Jess is prone to be a bit camera-shy but your leadership, gentle approach and relaxed attitude kept us calm, natural in front of the camera and helped us enjoy what can be for some, a stressful day. The day was perfect!”

      JESS & LACHY

      “Choosing Bec as our photographer was a no-brainer. We had already seen her fabulous work at four (!) of our friend’s weddings, and we knew she would be great to work with. Bec has this amazing talent to not only capture naturally beautiful moments, but also to capture them without you ever knowing she was there! We were so surprised when looking through the photos, and kept commenting “Wow! When did she take that?”. Both myself and my partner tend to look a little awkward in photos when we feel too posed or false, but Bec managed to make us feel totally at ease, and as a result all of our smiles and poses were natural and real. She also has a truly artistic eye, and set up the shots in the scenery so beautifully; she really did capture the magical atmosphere of the day. Thank you Bec, for creating the most perfect keepsake of such a special moment in our lives, we will treasure our photos always.”

      KARA & JESSE

      “My fiancé hates being photographed. When we got engaged, he suggested having an engagement photoshoot (to my surprise). We filled out a form from Bec asking us why we wanted to do this. We thought about it for a bit and realised that this is probably one of the happiest moments we will have in our life. We wanted to one day look back and remember how happy we are now, and to be able to share that with our future family. And Bec did exactly that – capture our happiness. Her greatest talent is being in the moment with you, sharing your joy, and directing that energy in her photography. That’s what makes her photographs absolutely beautiful.”

      Rochelle & Carwin

      “We found Bec through a friend and after looking through her photos and meeting with her, we knew that she would be easy to work with and was able to produce beautiful wedding photographs. When our wedding plans changed, Bec was both supportive and accommodating. We couldn’t have asked for more! She is able to capture the moment in such a natural way that makes everyone feel at ease. And the photos are stunning. We now have beautiful photos that will be cherished by our family for a long time to come. Thank you!”


      “Joel and I have known Bec for a few years, through various friends and social circles, but that wasn’t why we chose her to photograph our wedding. When Bec came over for tea and dessert to discuss our wedding, we felt instantly at ease and that we were in such capable hands. She took time to understand that we didn’t want awkward or staged shots, or to feel unnatural, and was a big believer in us just being ourselves. Bec was interested in our plans for the day, our relationship and what was important to us. We felt confident that we wouldn’t end up with cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf, ‘trendy’ shots, and that she would make it feel personal to us. The whole process was very easy, and she was great to communicate with. On the day, Bec was incredible – we barely saw her, but she managed to capture everything! She made the bridal party photos really fun, getting us to laugh and relax, improvising and braving some windy conditions to get great outdoor shots in difficult weather. Bec was a really special part of our wedding, and we look back at the pictures with a lot of joy. Choosing her to shoot our wedding was the right choice and we couldn’t be happier with the results – especially how swift she was at getting them back to us! Thanks for everything, Bec!”

      JOEL & ELLA

      “Having seen Bec’s work before, Jack and I knew we absolutely wanted her to capture our wedding. Bec was easy to communicate with from the beginning and on the day she was a calming presence from the moment she arrived. She adapted to last minute changes seamlessly! She was super comfortable organising our big families, and all in a crowded shed while rain bucketed down outside. When our photos arrived we were amazed by how she perfectly captured so many intimate moments without ever overstepping or making us feel unnatural. From the photos of tears streaming down Jack’s face during the ceremony to the photos of our nieces playing among the hay bales during the reception – our wedding photos bring back all the immense joy of our day! Thank you Bec.”


      “Oh my goodness! We are so thrilled with these gorgeous pictures!
      You’ve captured our little family in such an effortless, fun and timeless way. We will treasure these for many years to come. Josh is never comfortable in-front of the camera and said he found this session very relaxed and it shows in the pictures. Eleanor as you know is a typical 3 year old and you’ve captured her so beautifully and managed to also capture the cheekiness and fun of this age. We can’t wait to have you back to capture more precious family memories.”


      “Gosh, out of all the investments we made for the day, you were by far the best! We have been deep in those images all night, living the day again.
      Being reminded of certain moments and seeing ones we didn’t even know were happening! You are incredibly talented and we cannot express enough gratitude for you stepping in. Because of you, we are able to walk through the day again and again forever, and Zaki will be able to do the same when he is older.”

      Tam, Sam and Zaki x