A portrait of Bec Matheson Melbourne PhotographerBec Matheson Melbourne Photographer

      Hey! I’m Bec. I’m a Melbourne photographer who has been at this for over ten years. I’m quite pragmatic and appreciate authenticity in photographs. Great photography holds the power to show us our reality while offering us the gift of memories and not just a rose coloured instagram version of our lives.

      I’m a bit of a nerd – only mildly awkward. I love to read – I am totally in a Bookclub and have been for a long time. I like a weird mix of sci-fi and reality survival shows (Alone anyone?!). Coffee fuels my mornings (I live in Melbourne after all) and I’m a friendly introvert.

      My teacher husband Geoff and I have three daughters Claire, Céleste and Maggie. My girls delight and frustrate me on the daily but I’m so obsessed with them I subject them to things like 52 projects and shove a camera in their face each week. I even had a chat to Mamatography about this on their podcast, you can check that out here.

      You can keep reading more if you have a coffee in hand and your kidlings are sleeping but if you just need to book a Melbourne photographer and you think I might be the one head here for some transparent pricing and shoot info.

      From Third Culture Kid to Graphic Designer to Melbourne Photographer…

      Photography connects us to our past but also to our present. 

      I grew up in the Solomon Islands, in the Pacific. A few weeks before returning to Australia I spent days and days photographing everything that made up my life and home, and then our hard-drive failed and I lost it all. It was a hard lesson, especially for a 15 year old. But in the process of making those images, I slowed down and paid so much more attention to that place than I otherwise would have.

      We want images to remember the past and to remember how it all felt – the places and the people.

      I made the final jump to photography after a the graphic design firm I used to work for foolishly sent me overseas to shoot for a not-for-profit.

      I was there to document a sanitation project – on the way I met a little girl whom because of a well in their village could still go to school because she didn’t have to walk kilometres to fetch water each day. With my camera I could document this and celebrate this with photographs and share this life giving change. It connected with my own story of growing up away from privilege and yet gave a voice for something bigger than my own experience.

      Goodbye graphic design.

      We need images to celebrate the present.

      Photography reminds us of our connection with others – both with the family we see everyday or someone on the other-side of the world. A snapshot can remind you of the past – but a great image bring you right back into the everyday beauty and complexity of life.

      Photography is so magical it can turn time*.

      I edit purposefully with timeless black and whites and rich, true-to-life colours. There’s no point having a brown toned image for a colour filled life.

      And for another *timey-wimey type reference (good job if you picked that up my fellow nerds), my intention is that my photographs are ‘bigger on the inside’ because home is bigger than the place you live, it’s the people and real stuff that comes with that – the good and and the bad and it’s worth holding close.

      x Bec

      *which is totally a Dr. Who thing but I wont hold it against you if you haven’t a clue and just want me to wield my camera. I’m really not that obsessed but it is good fun.