Newborn Photographer in Melbourne

      Being a newborn photographer in Melbourne is one of my greatest joys. Being able to record the little things that change so fast is an invaluable gift for parents.

      Babies bring so much change and so much joy. Life at this point does an unnaturally beautiful inhale of a pause and then it hurtles off into the whirlwind ride of parenthood. I look back to the first weeks of my daughters’ lives where the world felt like it was contained in the walls of my house and my heart was too big, I wanted to keep it all.

      I love photographing babies within the first two weeks or so to capture that really fresh look for you but if you’re not ready to face the world just yet that’s just fine, they really will still be small a while yet.

      Hold them close. Enjoy it. Remember it.

      I photograph babies anywhere from the start all the way up through 6 months.
      A 6 month old shoot might look a little different than a newborn but it’s still a delightful phase!

      In home newborn sessions

      Melbourne is cold! I like to shoot newborn sessions in home. Siblings are welcome and if anyone needs a little break (your two year old will probably want a snack) that’s fine! You are welcome to feed during the shoot and I don’t mind if your baby is asleep or awake. I am fairly hands off but will still offer plenty of helpful direction. I don’t use props and don’t subscribe to unnatural posing.

      If you are here because you are interested in birth photography, please head on over to for some more details or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you. Due to the on-call nature of births, I can only take a select number per year. Births are my absolute favourite thing in the world to photograph and I would love to photograph yours.

      I also offer vouchers which can make fantastic baby-shower gifts even if you are pooling together as a group. Please send me a message to arrange.