a mother feeding her young son looks directly at the camera - she is in a dark sidelit room, she is happy

Newborn and Maternity Photography in Melbourne and Victoria

Newborn and maternity photos that celebrate wonder.

Whether it's your first baby or your fourth, a new baby brings a whole lot of change and challenge but also a whole lot of wonder. I photograph non cheesy maternity and newborns (right up through older babies). I have a gentle and straightforward approach that allows space for real life to keep happening while finding magic in little moments - this helps takes the pressure off what is a beautiful but often overwhelming time.

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“Bec was so lovely to work with and I honestly couldn't be happier with our newborn photoshoot. She made the whole experience so lovely and it is a treasured memory of ours from those crazy early weeks. Bec was professional, relaxed and calm and made us feel so at ease. Our communication with her was fantastic. Our photos captured so much beauty, love and rawness in those early weeks.”


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What is the booking process when I don't know exactly when my baby will arrive, or how I will be feeling?


Book in your newborn shoot early

If you're pregnant, it's the right time to book! I pencil you in under your due date (because this can be a bit of a vague thing as anyone who has ever had a baby knows!) this ensures that there is room for you in my calendar. And then I wait to hear your exciting news!


Contact me when your baby arrives

When your baby arrives, contact me! We then sort out a date that suits - between midwife appointments and ensuring that you're feeling ready. I'd rather you're feeling more settled than trying to 'do it all' right away just because you feel that time is running away from you. Babies stay small for a good while!


What if I'm not feeling ready right away?

Book your Newborn Session

Within the first two weeks is ideal for that super new look but if you prefer to wait for a little more time for your baby to grow into themselves or for you to be more settled, that's TOTALLY ok. Any age works for baby photos. They just might have a different feel. As a guide for older babies: around 4 months you might be getting smiles and for peak baby rolls and sitting aim for the 8-9 month mark.

a mother holds her young son on her lap she is smiling at him
a family with a baby and a young daughter in a field of daisies up Mt Dandenong
a newborn lays on her mothers lap she is sleeping and wearing a nappy
a mother kisses her childs head she is standing infront of a window covered in sheer curtains a home bar is to her right with coloured bottles
a mother and her two young sons who are wriggling and crying are together on a bed there is a reflection from the window
a mother holds her young son in a green arbor full of daisies and overgrown garden
A mother sits with her three children she is kissing the youngest, they are sitting close and leaning together
a newborn baby dressed in a white jumpsuit lies on a bed outstretched asleep
it is bright and sunny, a man looks at his wife he has his arm around their dog and she is holding their young daughter and baby son
a gay couple hug and hold their son together, this image is black and white and photographed with an lens baby lens which blurs out the image
a mother tickles her young son on the bed
a father looks at his baby he is standing next to some venetian blinds
baby fingers splayed out over the back of her mother's shoulders
a family sit on a bed, their toddler is kicking back playing with the mum
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What about location?

a toddler reaches out to touch his newborn brother who is being held by his mother, to his right is a cat looking out the glass doors behind.

I photograph newborn sessions in your home. This works especially well for ease of having everything 'baby' on hand and allows for more meaningful images with the spaces you use daily. Being at home also offers flexibility in providing a variety of safe spaces to photograph your baby.

Your home does not have to be fancy (I live in an 80's brick house) or immaculate (you've just had a baby - plus I have three kids, I've lived it). I'll find a window, a bed, a door, a chair - that's all I need. If the weather is suitable I will often photograph a combination of indoors and outside your home. Siblings are of course welcome! Pets also welcome.

For older babies or in warmer months an outdoor family style session may be an option to consider.

Maternity & Newborn Photography Packages




maternity +newborn



Maternity sessions go for 40 minutes.

This is a naturally directed session that can be with or without your partner. If you have other children you will be charged family session rates to accomodate additional time

High Resolution Digital Files (40+) | Online Gallery | Slideshow | $50 Print Voucher|
10% off future sessions

A 40 minute maternity session and a 1 hour in-home newborn session, bundled together to save you $250. Please although maternity sessions with other children are charged at family rates - you will still receive $250 of when booking both.

High Resolution Digital Files | Online Gallery | Slideshow | $100 Print Voucher |
10% off future sessions

Your 1 hour newborn session is welcome to include siblings and pets. Sessions are a mix of documentary and gently directed lifestyle images taken in your home. I do not shoot with props or bring additional blankets or clothing - as I believe in using items meaningful to you.

High Resolution Digital Files (60+) | Online Gallery | Slideshow | $50 Print Voucher |
10% off future sessions


60+ IMages

Save $250




Book maternity/newborn

Book Newborn

Book Maternity

All bookings are subject to a 25% deposit, this secures your date. Remaining payment is due a week prior to your session. Flexible payment plans available.

Travel is included, with the exception of very reasonable fees for locations over an hour away. Prices include GST.

a pregnant woman sits near a window
a pregnant couple stand in a field of daisies
a pregnant woman splashes in the ocean with a look of joy on her face
a dog looks at a pregannt woman she is holding a cup of tea
a mixed race family stand together the mother is pregnant and there are two older sons
a pregnant woman sits next to a window she is showing her belly
an abstract image of a pregnant woman with bright foreground bokeh
a pregnant couple stand against a mornington peninsula field at sunset
a couple stand in their kilsyth home with their dog, the woman is pregnant and they are holding each other close
a pregnant couple hug closely together
a mixed race hetero couple sit on a beach, his hand is touching her pregnant belly
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