A family walks across a field at sunset they are holding hands and walking naturally
      Two young girls are sitting cross legged in some long wild grass they have their faces and noses close together.
      A close up photograph of a mother tracing her child's hand
      A boy and a girl are sitting in the grass leaning back on each other, the image is in black and white
      A family in the distance against an epic blue sky with interesting white clouds, they are slightly separated from eachother but the father is holding the youngest child.
      A graphical black and white image taken during a family photoshoot in Brighton, the family are walking up a hill towards a lone tree holding hands
      A black and white portrait of a young girl, her long wavy hair is blowing in the wind

      So you’ve been searching for Family Photographers in Melbourne?

      Yay! I’m glad you’re here! I offer Melbourne family photography sessions that are full to the brim of the story of your kids connection with you and each-other.  Your family as it is. Nothing over-the-top fancy, nothing too hard, just real life goodness. That’s where the real beauty is.

      Real, joyful and uncomplicated family photography.

      Family sessions are held outdoors or at your home. I know lots of wonderful spots across Victoria from beach to bush or parkland but also open to suggestions about locations meaningful to you.

      It’s tricky to know who to book when you search Family Photographers in Melbourne.

      Lots of names. Lots of styles. You want the right fit.

      I’m not your photographer if you’re after poses or highly styled images. I like the real stuff. The gumboots, the windblown hair, the not quite perfect. But maybe that’s you’re looking for too?

      The sessions below will give you an idea of the types of images you might get when you book. You can also check out my most recent work on Instagram.

      I shoot a combination of documentary and naturally posed images (eg. ‘lets hop into this spot here and see what happens’). I’ll give enough guidance so you are not left floundering because you do want to know a little about what to do, but enough space to be yourselves.

      My goal is to take amazing portraits of your kids and also to make a record of your togetherness, your family.

      What would you like to remember most? Let’s make images of that.

      Need to convince your partner? Click for some nice words about how easy it can be.

      A family photographer in Melbourne who makes things comfortable and fun.

      a girl who has her eyes closed in comfort and delight holds her mothers hands as her father wraps his arms around her mother, the parents faces are obscured



      “Bec I don’t know how to thank you enough… I really don’t like having photos and the idea of having to getting them done gives me anxiety but I absolutely LOVE these. I admit that I hate photos because I don’t like the look of myself in them. But the way you have captured us makes none of that matter. We look so happy and real and want them all blown up huge in my house and everyone to see them. Thanks for making me see how important it is to just be in a photo.”

      Meghann Dunford

      “Oh Bec I’m crying!! They are the most beautiful photos I have ever seen! I love them all so much. I love the smiles, the light in the trees, the foot in the window, the ones with all of us, the ones of just the kids, all of them! You have captured their little personalities so perfectly. I think the last few weeks have been one of the happiest times in my whole life, and I’m so grateful that you’ve captured my little iso bubble for me to keep forever. Thank you so much. I have loved your work for ages, I’m so happy you were able to do this for us. We will definitely have you again. Absolutely love every single photo. Honestly the best photographer we have ever ever had. Much love to you x”


      “Bec, we just want to say a massive thank you for the amazing photos. The gallery is superb and encapsulates everything we could have hoped for. Your ability to get the natural look with such breathtaking backdrops is amazing. We will be enjoying these shots for years to come… Thanks again, we loved the shoot and can’t be more happy with the resulting shots.”

      Amelia Koole