You have this moment once.

      Remember the smallness of your babies and the contentment and joy you feel with the people you love best. Treasure that crazy wonderful madness of now that is family life, before they grow just that little bit more. Be engulfed in the happiness of being with all the very best people in the world on your wedding day. Life moves fast.

      Hello! I’m Bec, a people photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.


      I make connection filled images
      for memories that are bigger than photographs.

      I’m not especially fancy – you don’t need to pretend or dress up, you don’t need to have a particular style of home or decor you just need to be yourselves and be right there with each other. In turn, I promise to be present to your real moments and focus (no photographer pun intended!) on the things that truly matter.

      I take a limited number of weddings and births each year. Please enquire as soon as you know your dates to avoid disappointment.

      “You are truly astonishing at capturing beautiful moments of joy that no one else would notice. We have never seen a photographer so gifted in knowing how and when to capture those moments.”

      Arielle & Peter

      “I am utterly speechless! You are so gifted, these are beyond beautiful. We have watched the slideshow about a thousand times. Everyone I’ve sent it to has cried. I am so happy!! Thank you so much – thank you for capturing us so perfectly, we will treasure these forever.”


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      For memories bigger than photographs.