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Why your next family photos should be on the beach - Examples of Beach photography

a family of mother father and two young boys cuddle together on the beach

It's fun to be at the beach! Family photography sessions at the beach are wonderful for kids who need to run. Beach sessions offer a relaxed and playful atmosphere for photos against a beautiful backdrop.

What is a good beach to have photos at?

As a photographer I look for beaches with interesting rock formations, dunes or grasses as this opens up scope for variety in your images. I'm looking at tides lining up to where the sun is setting (or rising) to choose best time to photograph. Safe access is also a consideration, especially if it's a maternity session or if there are little legs. And choosing locations that highlight the landscape while still being accessible and appropriate.

There are some super popular beaches in Melbourne right now for family photography. You can bet I know where 'that Flinders spot' is, but more than likely I'll direct you to one that's a little less populated and still really beautiful. Better still there might be a beach that is meaningful to your family.

When is the best time for beach photos?

The beach during the day offers some bold contrast and strong and interesting shadows. There is a fine line between playing with this for visual interest vs. glare and frustrating reflections, it's smarter to choose to have your session early or late in the day. Beaches are beautiful ALL year around - winter included, just make sure to dress with some layers incase it's chilly.

The water can be surprisingly warm on Melbourne's bay beaches even when the temperatures start to drop, so if you're feeling game and up for a dip, then so am I! Photos in the water bring a certain kind of extra magic.

Best tips for family photography at the beach

  • Bring sunscreen, snacks, water
  • Bring towels and a change of clothes
  • Don't wear your fancy leather shoes
  • Be open to play, get down in the sand with your kids
  • Let go of kids getting wet - because they probably will - we can structure things around 'being water at the end'
  • Beaches can be windy, be mindful of this when you are choosing what to wear and maybe bring another layer.

Examples of family photography at the beach

Beaches vary hugely, calm or wild, remote or with beach boxes - a fit for all families personalities.

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