The Ellis Family

Family photography with horses in a Healesville paddock

a family walking outdoors in a paddock with horses in a paddock in Healesville
a family of six sits on the grass in front of a fence outdoors, they are casual but connected and only one child is looking at the camera

Tromping around outside in a horse paddock in the late afternoon with the Ellis family out in Healesville was pretty fantastic. I always appreciate it when families chose to do photos with their teenagers as so many people only think of doing family shoots while their kids are little. All stages of life are worth documenting. These photos were taken in a neighbouring paddock next to where the Ellis family are building their new home in Healesville. The light was ridiculously beautiful, we dodged some horse poo, climbed a fence and enjoyed the curious horses peering over my shoulder at what was going on.

a woman leads her horse through a paddock in Healesville
portrait of a teenage boy with curly long hair in a outdoor rural setting
a distance photo of a family near a fence and a large tree outdoors on a farm in Healesville
an upper primary aged boy sits on a fence outdoors
a young girl clings to her mother
a young boy with his fathers arms around him
black and white of a young girl in a long sleeve pale dress she is looking to the left
informal documentary image of a dad and his children outdoors in a paddock
a black and white image of a young girl with her legs wrapped around her mothers waist she is looking at the camera
a playful documentary family image where children running at their parents
a Healesville family of six looking at the camera
four siblings in a rural outdoor setting they are leaning against a fence
a black and white image of two boys and their sister who is being held just outside of the frame
a mother hugs her four children, her youngest daughter is being held and her older boys are hugging all together

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