What style of family photography is the best fit for you?

  1. What's your preferred approach to capturing family moments?
    a) Posed and more formal portraits
    b) Candid and spontaneous shots
    c) A mix of both

  2. When you think of a family photo, what location comes to mind?
    a) A studio
    b) A scenic outdoor setting
    c) Home or a familiar place

  3. Which aspect of photography do you find most appealing?
    a) Creating visually stunning images
    b) Preserving authentic and emotional moments
    c) A balance of both

  4. How patient are you when it comes to photography sessions?
    a) Very patient – I don't mind spending time to get the perfect shot.
    b) Somewhat patient – I like time to get settled but not so long it takes the whole day
    c) Not very patient – I prefer short and efficient sessions.

  5. When looking at family photos, what do you value the most?
    a) Visual aesthetics and technical quality
    b) Emotional connection and storytelling
    c) A combination of both

  6. How would you describe your family's style and personality?
    a) Classic and formal
    b) Adventurous and carefree
    c) A bit of everything – we're a diverse bunch!

  7. Which editing style do you prefer for your family photos?
    a) Polished and retouched for a professional look
    b) Natural and true to life, with minimal editing
    c) A mix, depending on the photo's mood and purpose

  8. What is your ideal end result for your family photos?
    a) Framed and displayed on the wall
    b) Digitally stored for sharing and reminiscing
    c) A combination of both

  9. Which words best describe your vision for family photography?
    a) Formal, traditional, and elegant
    b) Candid, emotional, and real
    c) Versatile, adaptable, and meaningful

Now, let's see your results:

  • Mostly "a" answers: You might lean towards traditional family photography, focusing on well-composed, posed shots in controlled environments.
  • Mostly "b" answers: You're more inclined toward candid and documentary-style family photography, capturing authentic and unscripted moments.
  • A mix of "a" and "b" answers: You appreciate both traditional and candid photography and might enjoy a balanced approach, incorporating the best of both worlds to capture your family's essence.
  • Mostly "c" answers: Your preferences are versatile and adaptable, meaning you could explore various styles depending on the occasion and your family's mood.

THIS QUIZ IS JUST FOR FUN! There's no right or wrong choice; the best style for you is the one that resonates most with your family's personality and your own creative vision and hopes for a session.

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