The Perry Family

rainy day extended family group photos in Melbourne

When you've booked extended family group photos, rain is not typically the weather you're hoping for. With limited time with everyone in Melbourne over Easter, the Perry family decided to run with it. I've had the privilege of many touch points in this families lives over the years: two weddings, two babies, a few other moments to mark growth and change. With the fire roaring inside we made the most of different spaces, we utilised covered areas outside, and took the opportunities of the eased drizzle to spend some time on a nearby lawn. The kids splashed in mud and gave out stickers to their aunties and uncles. This close knit family shows how trusting the process, trusting me, leaning into what the day gives (rain) and keeping the focus on connection helps to make some really incredible images. This first image here is one of my all time favourite group photos - I secretly wish it were of my family.

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