Lex & Nathan

Natural Maternity Photos at Jawbone Marine Sanctuary in Williamstown

a pregnant woman looks up at her partner she is sitting on rocks in the grass at a Williamstown beach

Maternity photography often receives criticism for being cheesy and over-the-top, which may lead you to question the value of documenting this stage of life. But guess what! Natural and joyful maternity photo sessions exist! Say goodbye to clichés and cringe-worthy poses (like what even are some of those?!) and instead embrace a more natural approach that reflects a beautiful but more real experience.

Embrace Authenticity (such a cliche word but hey it's true): During my own pregnancy, I couldn't imagine dressing up for a maternity glamour type session (think long flowy dresses) because it simply didn't feel like "me." I'm sure many women can relate to this sentiment. Take a look at Lex and Nathan's photos below to see how they kept their maternity shoot simple and comfortable. By embracing your personal style and wearing clothes that make you feel like yourself, you'll create timeless and genuine images that truly reflect who you are.

Choosing the Right Location: A good location can greatly enhance the atmosphere of a maternity session. It's not about needing an extraordinary setting, but rather creating an environment where you feel comfortable and at ease. Honestly, maternity photography can sometimes make you feel a bit exposed, especially if you're not accustomed to being in front of the camera. Sometimes a beautiful space can help shift your focus and make the experience more enjoyable and sometimes being at home feels the most right. My intention is to provide you with a peaceful and fun session, so you can choose a location that aligns with your preferences. Whether it's at home or in a meaningful outdoor spot, incorporating surroundings that hold significance for you adds depth and meaning to your maternity photos.

Professional Guidance and Support: Working with an experienced maternity photographer can make a world of difference. A skilled photographer has the expertise to capture the beauty of your pregnancy in a way that feels true to your experience. They should value your input and strike the right balance between guiding you and allowing you to be yourself. Having been pregnant three times myself, I understand what it's like too—the things that matter, the moments that are meaningful, and even the little annoyances. Rest assured, I won't make you climb any crazy hills or walk anywhere dangerous!

Making Memories, Not Poses: Gone are the days when maternity photography solely revolved around that kinda weird exposed belly poking out of a gown and hearts shapes with hands on bellies. It should be about capturing genuine moments and emotions. A talented photographer will focus on documenting the connections, love, anticipation, and joy that defines this time in life.

Each pregnancy is its own, regardless of if this is your first baby or your fourth - whether it has been easy, challenging, stressful, or fulfilling and every story deserves celebration. Your maternity photos should be a reflection of your personality and the bond you share with your baby, partner and family around you - whatever that looks like. Avoid falling into clichés and instead embrace your interests, hobbies, and personal story. Don't hesitate to include your pets and other children in the photos because this is their story too.

By prioritising authenticity, you can allow your maternity photos to be a truth teller - images that reflect who you are and the immense love you have for you baby and new shape of family.

“Thank you!! The photos are absolutely lovely - everything I was hoping for, lovely chill and candid.”


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