Terms & Conditions

Mini-Session Terms & Conditions

I am looking forward to meeting you and your family. I ask all clients to please read through the below information covering the details of your photoshoot, these terms will need to be agreed to prior to your shoot.


The Fee for the Service is $300 for 15 minutes on the agreed Shoot Date at your set time. Full payment of the Fee is due prior to your session and a contract MUST be signed before any photographs are taken. Mini Sessions run to a tight schedule - ensure you are present in the shoot location 10 minutes prior to your shoot and you will be called over at the shoot time.

5 high resolution digital images are included within this fee. An upgrade for the full session is available for $250 for all images.

Bec Matheson Photography will provide the Client with the digital files (photographs) within four weeks from the shoot. Images will not be released until Client has paid all money due under this Agreement in full. Images will be selected and edited by the Photographer according to Bec Matheson Photography's discretion in a combination of colour, black and white, and artist toning. Alternate edits may be requested at cost.

Original unedited RAW files are not available for purchase. Bec Matheson Photography will provide high resolution digital files via and online gallery. Images will retain a watermark until purchased. Images with the watermark cannot be used in any form and do not belong to the client. These files are not suitable for printing.

Prints and products may be ordered through the online gallery. Any print quality or shipping issues related to products are to be dealt with via the lab directly and are not the responsibility of Bec Matheson Photography.

The Client acknowledges that the quantity of photographs can vary greatly and that photography by nature is an art, subject to the creativity of Bec Matheson Photography and her personal artistic style.

The Client understands that he/she has chosen Bec Matheson Photography because of her photographic style and grants the Photographer the right to exercise her creativity to capture the best images possible. The photographer does not shoot with props or props the client has supplied.

The Client understands that he/she may not demand a refund or re-shoot or refuse to pay any money owing under this Agreement due to differences in artistic preference in the final images, wardrobe regret or windy conditions.

The Client must assist and cooperate with Bec Matheson in obtaining the desired photographs (including but not limited to following the Bec Matheson Photography directions).

Bec Matheson Photography shall not be responsible for photographs not taken as a result of the Client’s or any other subject’s failure to provide reasonable cooperation, allow sufficient time, or ensure subjects are available at the appropriate time. This includes unhappy or uncooperative children.

If you are LATE to your mini session you may wait until all other sessions have been completed or there is a suitable gap. All booking fees are non refundable unless you cancel 48 hours prior to the shoot this allows the photographer to find a replacement for your session. You may gift your session to a friend if you cannot make it. If you need to isolate because of covid exposure, you will be offered a refund.

Copyright in the Images

Bec Matheson Photography owns and retains copyright of all images created.

The Client authorises Bec Matheson Photography to use the images, make reproductions and publish images for promotional or advertising material or for use on the Bec Matheson Photography website(s) or Instagram page or other social network sites. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the Client waives all rights to review and approve any uses of the images or accompanying captions.

Bec Matheson Photography grants the Client unlimited but non-exclusive rights to reproduce the images provided to the Client by Bec Matheson Photography however the images must not be re-edited in a way that (in the opinion of Bec Matheson Photography) compromises the integrity of the work.

If the Client posts the images on Facebook or Instagram, Bec Matheson Photography would very much appreciate any referrals or links back to the Bec Matheson Photography website or Instagram page. Images can be tagged with @becmathesonphotography or refer to www.becmatheson.com

Loss, Damage or Failure to Deliver Photographs

Although all care will be taken with photographs taken on the shoot date, the Bec Matheson Photography limits any liability for loss, damage or failure to deliver pictures for any reason to the return of the Fee.

Deposit, Cancellation and Date Changes

Upon the signing of this Agreement by the Client, the Bec Matheson Photography will reserve the shoot allocation and will not make another reservation for the specific date and time frame.

The Client may cancel this contract up to 48 hours prior to the shoot, thereby forfeiting all moneys paid to that date, by written notice to Bec Matheson Photography. The Client is still responsible for any outstanding Fees.

Coverage of the Shoot

In the unlikely event that Bec Matheson Photography is unable to provide coverage on the Shoot Date there will be a backup mini session day scheduled. This date is ONLY available if all mini sessions must move due to circumstances such as dangerous or inappropriate weather.

If Bec Matheson Photography is unable to provide coverage as a result of the actions or inactions of the client, or due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, the client is still responsible to pay the total Fee due under this contract with the exception of COVID circumstances - please notify Bec asap so she can attempt fill the session, you will be credited your fee for a session at a later date as determined by the photographer.

Mini Sessions run to a strict time schedule, if you are late, your booking will run only for the remainder of your time-slot, as sessions are booked back to back OR you may wait until all other sessions are completed to resume if there is enough available light.

Release and Discharge

The Client herby releases, discharges and agrees to save harmless Bec Matheson Photography, it’s heirs, legal representatives, assigns, employees or any persons or corporations acting under permission or authority from Bec Matheson Photography from and against any liability as a result of any distortion, blurring or alteration, optical illusion or use in composite form, either intentionally or otherwise that may occur to be produced in the taking, processing or reproduction of the photographs.


The Client acknowledges that this Agreement shall be binding upon his/her/their heirs, legal representatives and assignees. The Client warrants that he/she/they are competent to contract in his/her/their own name(s). The Client acknowledges that he/she/they have read this Agreement prior to its execution and is/are fully familiar with the contents.

This Agreement may not be varied except in writing signed by all parties. This Agreement must be read and construed according to the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of that State. If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court to be unlawful, invalid, unenforceable or in conflict with any rule or law, statute, ordinance or regulation, it is to be severed so that the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions are not affected.

This mini session contract may not be copied or sold or adapted without express permission from the creator. If you would like to purchase it please contact Bec. This document is for general guidance. It is recommended to have a lawyer review this document before using.