COVID-Safe Plan

      If you are feeling unwell, have any flu-like symptoms or have been recently exposed to covid please let me know and we will reschedule your session.

      Business Name: Bec Matheson Design & Photography

      ABN: 80 663 825 829

      Plan completed by: Rebecca Matheson

      Date reviewed: 28/10/21

      The photographer will follow all COVID guidelines as directed by the current government restrictions and will not work during periods of lockdowns. If restrictions lift the photographer will ensure appropriate permits are in place.

      The photographer providing the service is a registered business with an ABN.

      1. Vaccinations and Checking-In

      • The photographer is double vaccinated and can provide evidence of such upon request.
      • All participants aged 16+, at the time of their photoshoot, must be double vaccinated or have a written medical exemption.
      • At the commencement of all photoshoots all participants aged 16+ will be required to check-in via the photographer’s QR code.
      • At the time of checking-in all participants must provide evidence of their vaccination status, either via the Service Victoria app or by providing a digital or printed copy of their vaccination record.

      2. Ensure physical distancing

      • Both the client and the photographer must ensure appropriate social distance (1.5m) of each-other.
      • Photography will only take place a safe distance from other members of the public.
      • All other business activity apart from the actual photo shoot will be conducted remotely including all client meetings.
      • Outdoor photography shoots will be limited to gathering limits as per current DHHS guidelines.

      3. Practise good hygiene

      • Vigilant hand and cough hygiene will be maintained at all times by both the client and the photographer.
      • The photographer will sanitise and wash hands prior to any client contact.
      • Camera equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between sessions.
      • The Photographer will wear a mask at all times and expects the clients to wear a mask when not being photographed.
      • The photographer will not take photos for clients using the client’s phone and/or camera.
      • The client is not permitted to touch the photographer’s camera

      4. Keep records and act quickly if anybody becomes unwell

      • Contact details for all persons being photographed will be collected prior to the session.
      • All parties including the photographer commit to rescheduling if unwell.
      • In the event that the photographer comes into contact with a person with coronavirus (COVID-19), WorkSafe Victoria will be notified immediately on 13 23 60 and all contact details will be provided.
      • Any exposure to a person with coronavirus (COVID-19) will result in the closure of this business until it is declared safe to re-open by the relevant authorities.
      • In the event that the client comes into contact with a person with coronavirus (COVID-19), they shall notify the photographer immediately and will not schedule a photography session until they have received a negative test result.