An Australian family of four on a path in a open field in front of bushland with kangaroos

      For Memories bigger than photographs

      Real, joyful and uncomplicated family photos. As you are.

      If you love images with cheeky grins, the expressions you know, windblown hair, and the not-quite-perfect of everyday reality that you love, then that’s what I photograph.


      mother with her two sons she is wearing a jumper and her son is wearing a beanie and denim they are cuddling

      Family Photography: Melbourne and Victoria

      I offer photography sessions that tell your family’s story. Nothing over-the-top fancy, nothing too hard, just real-life goodness. Photos are a combination of documentary and naturally posed images (e.g. ‘let’s hop into this spot here and see what happens’). I’ll give enough guidance so you’re not left floundering, but enough space to be yourselves.

      What would you like to remember most? Let’s make images of that.

      Photos feel tricky to organise.
      I don't even know where to start.

      let me break it down


      We can do the shoot wherever you and your children will be most comfortable. For a lot of families this is at home, but sometimes a new spot to explore and a few trees to climb is just what everyone needs!

      I’m also happy to think outside the square and do your session somewhere completely unique. I know lots of wonderful spots to photograph families across Melbourne and Victoria, from beach to bush to park. But if there’s a location that holds special meaning for you, let’s go there. Need photoshoot ideas? Click here.


      I keep things short and manageable. Family sessions typically run for one hour. I find this is enough to capture a broad variety of images while not being too long for little people (or partners!). Often the novelty of the adventure, especially in an outdoor shoot, is enough to keep them entertained. Bring snacks!

      Extended family sessions go for about an hour and half.


      I can help you choose the best time for your location and the types of images you’re after. A general rule of thumb for outdoor sessions is either early morning, or an hour or so before sunset for that magical evening light. Indoor sessions work best in the morning.

      Having said all that, you know your children best – and sometimes it’s worth prioritising happy kids over perfect lighting! I’m confident shooting in any kind of light, so if there’s a better time of day for you that’s fine.

      “... I admit that I hate photos because I don’t like the look of myself in them. But the way you have captured us makes none of that matter. We look so happy and real and want them all blown up huge in my house and everyone to see them. Thanks for making me see how important it is to just be in a photo.”


      What to wear for a family photoshoot?

      Clothes can feel tricky. Please don't feel obligated to go out and buy something new. I don't want you to feel like you have to follow the latest Instagram trends, mostly I want you to feel like yourself and feel good and comfortable in what you're wearing - wear the clothes you would wear normally - it's okay to dress up a bit if that's what you're going for but if you show up in jeans and gumboots then I'm all for it. Head on over to the blog to read more about what can work well for Newborn photos here, and for Family photoshoots here.

      If you’re arranging extended family photos, your family members will probably ask you about coordinating. Jump over to my blog post on the topic for all the info, even better you can share the link around.

      What’s a family?

      Family is so many things! And I’ll happily work with all kinds – big or small, old or young, with or without kids. Any culture or faith, any gender or identity, neurodiverse people and people with disabilities. Everyone is welcome. See my full inclusion statement [link] here

      Partner not wildly enthused?

      If anyone needs a little more convincing, have a look at some more happy families here. You can also show them the images on this site, or check out my recent work on [link] Instagram. I'm fantastic at working with reluctant partners or teenagers.

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      “... Bec's greatest talent is being in the moment with you, sharing your joy, and directing that energy in her photography. That’s what makes her photographs absolutely beautiful.”

      Rochelle & CArwin

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      “I am utterly speechless! You are so gifted, these are beyond beautiful. We have watched the slideshow about a thousand times. Everyone I’ve sent it to has cried. I am so happy!! Thank you so much – thank you for capturing us so perfectly, we will treasure these forever.”


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