Hey! If you’re keen to check out some full sessions, I’ve just opened up some full family galleries (other session types coming soon!). This is a great way to see what you might get when you book in – some of the sessions will show you the whole lot, including slideshows (best!) and others just sneak peeks.

      Why do this?

      When I buy something I want to be confident what I’m getting is of a high standard, not just the few shots I see in a portfolio or on Instagram squares.

      I think it’s important for photographers to show a body of work. Sharing full family galleries might not be the most sensible in marketing terms (because apparently you get judged on your weakest images! Whatever!). I’m happy with the work I give my clients, if it’s not worth sharing with you then it’s not worth me delivering! As I shoot a combination of lifestyle (the more posey but still natural stuff) and documentary (exactly what’s happening in front of me), this is a good way of giving the fullest picture of our time together.

      You are unique

      I could blog every session. Let’s be realistic (with two young kids and one on the way) that’s not going to happen often. Enjoy! Take inspiration for locations/settings and the freedom you feel just being you on one of my shoots. I hope seeing a gallery builds your confidence in understanding what a shoot might be like. I hope it helps you to see that although there is consistency in my work I approach each session acknowledging you are COMPLETELY different from the last family I’ve photographed.

      And while we’re at it, I’d love for you to check out the Moran Family gallery. This was an extended family shoot at their Pop’s mechanic shop, the site of many fish and chip birthdays, childhood games and even an engagement on a forklift! I think there is huge value in choosing to be photographed at a location that is meaningful to your family. I might have to work harder – without excellent light at a perfect golden hour location, but these are the kinds of images that will hold the most weight for your family, which is why after all, photos exist!