I feel like as parents we spend half the time dreaming about our children’s future and the other half wishing our kids wouldn’t grow so fast. I can’t wait see who my girls become but goodness they are just SO beautiful right now. Photos ground me in the present and they give me an anchor for the past.

      Remember your children’s childhood through beautiful images (not just your daily iphone snaps – although there’s definitely place for those too!).

      Authentic images of your children as they are right now

      The sessions below are some of my favourites. They will give you an idea of the types of images you might get when you book a family session with me. You can book an Outdoor Session or an Everyday Adventure where we might start in your home and then head out for a little adventure together – we might go for ice-cream, have a play at your local park or just explore your backyard and favourite spots around home. What does life look like right now? How do you want to remember this?

      Family shoots start at $600. With weekdays at reduced prices.

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      Some nice words people have said.


      “We’ve just finished going through the photos and they’re beyond incredible. You’re so talented. I have no idea how we’re going to pick which ones to print. Thank you isn’t enough. I will cherish them forever.”

      Claire & Rob